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New Jersey Legislature – Pending Legislation UpdateJanuary 2016

At the end of the last legislative session in New Jersey, there were still several proposed laws of which employers should be aware and that will likely be reintroduced in the next legislative session:

Paid Sick Leave – this proposed law would have required all businesses in New Jersey to provide five to ten paid sick days annually to each employee, accruing at a rate of one hour of sick leave for every thirty hours worked. This bill expired at the end of the legislative session but it will likely be re-introduced in 2016.

The Secure Choice Savings Program Act would automatically enroll workers of employers with 25 or more employees, and whose employers do not offer a 401k plan, into professionally managed retirement accounts at a 3% contribution from the worker. Although the Governor vetoed the bill conditionally, recommending it be a voluntary plan, this bill will likely be re-proposed in 2016.

Credit Check Prohibition – this proposed law would have prohibited employers from requiring or obtaining a credit report for a prospective or current employee with certain exceptions. The bill also provided a private cause of action for an aggrieved employee. The bill expired at the end of the legislative session but employers should expect it to be reintroduced.

In addition to reintroduction of the laws above in 2016, New Jersey employers can expect proposed laws in 2016 prohibiting local governments from requiring paid sick leave and from raising the minimum wage, as well as extending legal protections to interns similar to protections that exist to employees.

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