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New Jersey Gender Equity Pay Notice - Annual Distribution ReminderNovember 2015

New Jersey employers with 50 or more employees, do not forget your annual obligation, by December 31 each year, to serve the New Jersey Gender Equity Notice on each of your employees. Employers must obtain the form acknowledgement and receipt of the notice by each employee within 30 days of distribution. The notice may be distributed by email delivery, through an intranet website exclusively used by employees, or in paper form such as with a paycheck insert. Employers can obtain the New Jersey Department of Labor’s approved notice and acknowledgment form by clicking here.

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OSHA - Proposed Update to Voluntary Safety and Health Program Management GuidelinesNovember 2015

For the first time since 1989, the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is seeking comments to its proposed update to its voluntary Safety and Health Program Management Guidelines. These are advisory guidelines that are intended to provide primarily small and medium size businesses best practices to identify risks to worker safety so that injuries can be prevented before they happen. For information from the DOL and to submit comments to the proposal, click here.

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OSHA Issues New Guidelines to Prevent Violence in the Workplace for Healthcare WorkersApril 2015

OSHA has issued new guidance in an effort to mitigate the risks healthcare and social workers face from violence in the workplace. OSHA recommends that employers implement a workplace violence prevention program consisting of five essentials: (1) management commitment and employee participation; (2) worksite analysis; (3) hazard prevention and control; (4) safety and health training; and (5) recordkeeping and program evaluation. Each of these five elements is described in greater detail in the guidance. To get more information on the OSHA guidance, click here:  The new guidance is voluntary, advisory, and informational only. Therefore, the guidance creates no new legal obligations nor does it alter existing OSHA requirements. However, New Jersey health care facilities are reminded that New Jersey previously codified many of the suggestions in the OSHA Guidelines under the New Jersey Violence Prevention in Health Care Facilities Act, N.J. Stat. Ann. § 26:2H-5.17, et seq. Under this law, covered health care facilities (which includes general and special hospitals and nursing homes) are required to establish a violence prevention program for the purpose of protecting healthcare workers and a violence prevention committee to oversee all aspects of the program.

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