Attention Owners of Real Property in Monmouth County New JerseyDecember 23, 2015

The deadline for filing an appeal of some Monmouth County tax assessments is January 15, 2016.

Monmouth County has undertaken a demonstration project instituting new timeframes for filing appeals and placing assessments that are different from the rest of the state. This year you should have already received notices from your local town or municipality showing a 2016 tax assessment. These are similar to the notices that you have received in the past in January or February. If you feel your property is over-assessed you must file the appeal prior to the appeal deadlines set forth below.

If your property is assessed for $1,000,000 or less, you must file your appeal with the Monmouth County Board of Taxation on or before January 15, 2016. These appeals are slated to be heard in February through April, with the final assessments coming out in May or June.

This deadline is not discretionary and therefore cannot be waived by the town, board of taxation, or the Tax Court of New Jersey. The deadline may be extended if the town is delinquent in sending out the assessment notices due to a revaluation, reassessment or otherwise which delays the proper mailing of the assessment notice.

In addition, direct appeals to the Tax Court of New Jersey of assessments greater than $1,000,000 may be filed at any time prior to April 1, 2016. However, if your assessment is $1,000,000 or less, you must appeal to the Monmouth County Board of Taxation and the appeal must be filed no later than January 15, 2016.

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Attorney: Daniel Pollak

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