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Real Estate Tax Appeals

Real Estate Tax Appeals

Real Estate Tax Appeals General Overview

For almost 40 years, Brach Eichler real estate attorneys have rendered careful counsel to clients involved in the purchase, sale and financing of investment real estate and the appeal of real estate taxes. Our dedicated Real Estate Tax Appeals Practice Group is comprised of full-time attorneys and carefully trained support staff who handle hundreds of appeals annually in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The Group possesses a thorough understanding of the intricate legal issues affecting investment real estate and we provide our clients with unique insights to enhance the prospects of success for their tax appeals.

Property taxes are typically one of the largest expenses for owners and operators of real estate. Real estate markets are dynamic and constantly evolving; reviewing a property's assessment on an annual basis is a vital, but often overlooked, strategy in controlling the costs of real estate ownership. However, ascertaining whether an appeal is warranted and prudent is a complex decision which requires deliberate consideration of a variety of factors. Prior to filing an assessment appeal our attorneys undertake a thorough analysis of each matter and formulate a strategy that addresses not only the particular circumstances of each property, but also the objectives and needs of every individual property owner.

Our attorneys have successfully achieved tax reductions for a wide range of commercial, industrial, residential and special use properties, including apartment houses, office buildings, warehouses, manufacturing, industrial properties, commercial shopping centers, super regional malls, condominiums and co-ops, hotels and motels, country clubs and nursing homes.

In addition to valuation appeals, the group also provides counsel regarding issues of exemption, abatement, farmland assessment and condemnation.


  • Analysis of assessments and issues affecting real estate valuation and taxation.
  • Representation of taxpayers before County Boards of Taxation and Tax Court in New Jersey.
  • Representation of taxpayers before County Boards of Taxation and Court of Common Pleas in Pennsylvania.
  • Representation of property owners in condemnation proceedings before the Superior Court of New Jersey.
  • Appeals to New Jersey Appellate Division and New Jersey Supreme Court.




  • Nancy Drenga
  • Krista Huebner