New Safe Care Camera Program


On December 22, 2016, the New Jersey Attorney General and the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs (DCA) unveiled the “Safe Care Cam” Program. The program provides for loans of micro-surveillance cameras to New Jersey residents who suspect that a health care provider may be abusing a family member. New Jersey residents will have access to the latest technology in micro-surveillance cameras, which can be easily hidden, to detect abuse and protect patients.

Individuals can borrow cameras for free for up to 30 days if they suspect that a family member is being abused or neglected by home health aides or other in-home caregivers who spend long hours alone with a disabled or elderly person. Typically, these micro-surveillance cameras may be too expensive for individuals to purchase on their own. The mission behind the program is to address the public’s growing concern regarding caregiver abuse as more consumers choose in-home care as a more affordable alternative to long-term care facilities. Individuals who lodge complaints against home care providers are increasingly backing up their complaints with hidden camera footage, which greatly increases the chance of substantiating any wrongdoing.

New Jersey residents who want to participate in the Safe Care Cam program must complete a brief training program conducted by the (DCA). It is up to the individual who borrows the camera to monitor the recorded footage and report any issues of concern to the DCA or appropriate authorities.

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