NJDEP Updates Soil Remediation Standards for 19 Compounds


The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (“NJDEP”) published revisions to the soil remediation standards for 19 contaminants. These updates bring the New Jersey standards more in line with the USEPA IRIS-based standards. Soil remedial standards for 11 compounds, including 7 PAHs, are now higher than previously. The updated soil remediation standards are operative as of September 18, 2017.

NJDEP also provided the following information regarding an error in the published update: A courtesy copy of the Notice of Administrative Change may be viewed at www.nj.gov/dep/rules/adminchg.html. Please note that the Notice contains errors for two contaminants. A Notice of Administrative Correction will be published in the October 16, 2017 New Jersey Register (a courtesy copy of the Notice of Administrative Correction can also be viewed at www.nj.gov/dep/rules/adminchg.html).

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