Family Law Services Alert: Domestic Violence and Interference with Parenting Time


As a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and for the foreseeable future, the New Jersey Superior Court has suspended nearly all personal appearances. While the Court is attempting to rapidly implement technology to allow matters to proceed – either through video or telephone conferences – there are still several emergent matters in which the Court will hear from the parties on an in-person basis. For example, if you have applied for a Temporary Restraining Order under the New Jersey Domestic Violence Prevention Act and your application was denied, you are still permitted (and the Court will hear) an immediate in-person appeal of the denial. To that end, if you believe that you are in danger or at risk for future acts of domestic violence, you should immediately consult with a family lawyer about your rights to appeal the denial of your initial application. Brach Eichler and its team of family lawyers remain ready, willing and able to assist you in that process.

Similarly, if you find that your children’s parent is using the coronavirus as a basis to unreasonably prevent you from enjoying your parenting time, you are permitted (and the Court will hear) an immediate emergent application to address your constitutional right to parent and have access to your children. If you believe that your parental rights are being interfered with, you should consult with one of our family lawyers about your immediate rights to rectify this wrong.

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