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Criminal Defense and Government Investigations

Riza I. Dagli, Chair

When your liberty and livelihood are on the line, you need an experienced team protecting you.

Brach Eichler’s criminal defense attorneys provide their clients with counsel during all phases of a criminal investigation, from subpoenas and arrests, to trial and appeal. Regardless of whether the charges are being brought in federal or state jurisdictions, our team is ready to advocate, negotiate, or litigate. With a team that includes former prosecutors, our attorneys have represented both the government and defense sides of complex criminal cases, including healthcare and insurance fraud, labor and unemployment fraud, racketeering and money laundering, and environmental crimes.

Healthcare and Insurance Fraud

The States of New Jersey and New York are served by multiple county, state, and federal agencies whose goal is to investigate and prosecute fraud committed by healthcare professionals. As the cost of healthcare increases, the efforts of these agencies also increases resulting in more scrutiny, investigation, and prosecution of providers. To effectively defend the rights of healthcare professionals, our attorneys get involved early and not only bring a thorough understanding of the underlying administrative and statutory law, but an understanding of the evolution and development of the law, the agencies that enforce them, and the courts that litigate them.

With potential penalties that include prison, loss of license, and significant fines, healthcare fraud may be prosecuted more heavily than other financial crimes, and requires a strong and meticulous defense. Our attorneys combine aggressive advocacy with practical solutions to mount a vigorous defense on behalf of their clients.

Our Promise

At Brach Eichler, we are committed to a dynamic and meaningful partnership with our clients. We move forward with a shared vision, one that is carefully crafted and thoughtfully and practically implemented. Together, we achieve success.

Criminal Defense and Government Investigations Blog  February 9, 2018
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