Hon. Lisa F. Chrystal, P.J.F.P (Ret.), Counsel

Brach Eichler’s Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”) Practice helps parties evade the uncertainty and exorbitant cost of litigation in the courts, through mediation or arbitration in order to a timely resolution to complex disputes. Brach Eichler now has the ability to resolve a wide variety of disputes and to appear in major arbitration forums including the AAA and CPR, and can resolve a wide variety of claims in the U.S. through arbitration and other forms of ADR.

At the forefront of our ADR Practice is The Honorable Lisa F. Chrystal (Ret.), who served on the New Jersey Superior Court for 22 years, including 8 years in the Civil Division before joining the firm. Whether serving as mediator or consultant to legal teams, the depth and breadth of her experience as a distinguished judge and before that as a seasoned attorney allow her to provide deep, impartial and meaningful solutions. During her judicial career, Judge Chrystal unique qualifications enable the ADR Practice to offer mini-trials, private judging, and neutral evaluations of disputes and appellate arguments.

Judge Chrystal and the ADR Practice develops sophisticated strategies for conflict management and resolution by placing an early and comprehensive focus on the business and personal relationships, transaction details, and other relevant factors that have contributed to a dispute. An effective resolution through ADR should uphold the rights of all parties, meet their objectives, preserve relationships, and avoid the time and expense associated with traditional litigation.

Brach Eichler has developed this conflict management practice which brings its expertise to bear on conflicts of all types and at any stage with the goal of achieving efficient and expeditious  solutions in the most cost effective manner. When representing clients in ADR, our approach involves working with our clients and analyzing their needs to determine the best dispute resolution process to meet their needs. The ADR practice area encompasses mediation, arbitration and other creative alternatives to formal legal proceedings offering privacy, flexibility and speed when compared to traditional litigation.