Has Your Commercial Business Been Negatively Affected by COVID-19? Consider a Property Tax Appeal



The negative effect of COVID-19 on rent, vacancy, and collection is tremendously relevant right now and will affect commercial and retail establishments’ ability to pay their property taxes in 2021. Various categories of real estate have been especially hard hit by the pandemic in terms of loss including shopping malls, office buildings and, to a large extent, hotels and motels which have been essentially shut down. Shopping centers that have recreational businesses such as movie theatres, gyms, and restaurants have been particularly devastated. There are going to be higher collection and vacancy losses for these properties. If you own a property negatively affected by COVID-19, Brach Eichler can help you obtain a reduction in your property taxes for 2021.

Brach Eichler is recognized in the industry for thoroughly vetting a case before filing it so that when a municipality sees a case from us they know it has merit—we do not file a case unless we confidently think it is going to result in a reduction of taxes. Many of our cases result in a reduction either through trial or settlement. Our attorneys handle tax appeals in most jurisdictions in New Jersey as well as Pennsylvania.

If we can assist in lightening your property tax liability in light of the economic hardships of the COVID-19 pandemic, please contact Real Estate Tax Appeals Chair Daniel Pollak at 973-403-3119 or dpollak@bracheichler.com. Our team has significant experience prosecuting appeals on behalf of commercial, industrial, and special-use property owners.

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