LSRPs Must Advise Clients and NJDEP if Timeframes Will Not Be Met



The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Site Remediation Professional Licensing Board requires Licensed Site Remediation Professionals (LSRPs) to notify the person responsible for conducting a remediation (PRCR) if a regulatory timeframe will not be met. If a mandatory timeframe will not be met, the LSRP must advise both the PRCR and the NJDEP. There is a form the LSRP must submit to notify NJDEP, as well as a form to request an extension of those timeframes. Responsible parties should communicate with the LSRP to ensure that timeframes will be met. However, LSRPs must be aware of their duty to keep the PRCR apprised of the timeframes to avoid penalties and complaints to the Licensing Board. The Site Remediation Professional Licensing Board rules can be found here.

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