BrachEichler LLC Events Feed,388,390,406&directive=0&stylesheet=rss&records=10en-us19 Oct 2018firmwise Physician Misconduct - Impact on Licensure and Privileges in the #MeToo Era Oct 2018Events<p>In the face of ever-increasing demands in today&rsquo;s health care environment, there has been a rise in the number of health care professionals exhibiting &ldquo;disruptive&rdquo; behavior. Join us as Brach Eichler Member <a href=";A=12755&amp;format=xml&amp;p=5532">Debra W. Levine</a> discusses the kinds of physician behavior currently under scrutiny and the disciplinary consequences that can result.<br /> <br /> Among the topics to be discussed:</p> <ul> <li> <p>Co-workers and patients alike are emboldened, in part by the #MeToo movement, to report any harassing conduct by their physician.</p> </li> <li> <p>Complaints run the gamut from rudeness and harsh or inappropriate language to sexual misconduct.</p> </li> <li> <p>Wary of facing serious liability, ASCs, hospitals, and other facilities, as well as licensure boards, are increasingly acting on these complaints.</p> </li> <li> <p>Not being aware can result in disciplinary action, some of which could have a devastating impact on careers and livelihoods.</p> </li> </ul> <p><a href=";A=12755&amp;format=xml&amp;p=5532">Debra W. Levine</a> has an extensive background in the law governing health care and professional licensure. Prior to joining Brach Eichler, Debra was, for 27 years, counsel to the New Jersey State Board of Medical Examiners, where she was responsible for advising the Board on disciplinary, investigative, and regulatory matters.</p> <p><strong>DATE:</strong> Thursday, October 25, 2018</p> <p><strong>TIME:</strong> 1:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.<br /> <br /> <strong>LOCATION:</strong> Webinar<br /> <br /> <strong>QUESTIONS:</strong> Allison Katz, <a href=""></a> or 973-403-3156<br /> <a href=""><img src="" hspace="0" vspace="0" align="absmiddle" alt="" border="0" width="150" height="56" /></a></p>,388,390,406&directive=0&stylesheet=rss&records=102018 Essex County Estate Planning Council Annual Meeting on 10/24 Invitation_9x6_final.pdf24 Oct 2018Events,388,390,406&directive=0&stylesheet=rss&records=10Ritter Talks Tax-Free Property Exchanges on NJMONEYHELP.COM Oct 2018News,388,390,406&directive=0&stylesheet=rss&records=10Suriano A Panelist at Women's Center for Entrepreneurship Event 10/23 Oct 2018News,388,390,406&directive=0&stylesheet=rss&records=10Fanburg in Forbes on Growth of Marijuana Industry in New Jersey Oct 2018News,388,390,406&directive=0&stylesheet=rss&records=10Stella Recounts NJDEP Matter in Commerce Magazine Oct 2018News,388,390,406&directive=0&stylesheet=rss&records=10Manigan Named to ROI-NJ's First-Ever Health Care Influencers List Oct 2018News,388,390,406&directive=0&stylesheet=rss&records=10Magnelli in NJBIZ on New Laws for NJ Manufacturers Oct 2018News,388,390,406&directive=0&stylesheet=rss&records=10Attention Jersey Choice Top Docs: Eichler Award Submission Form Oct 2018News<p>Congratulations on your selection to New Jersey Monthly&rsquo;s Jersey Choice Top Doctors 2018 List!<br /> <br /> Brach Eichler is proud of our long association with Jersey Choice Top Doctors and, for the eighth year, we are proud to present the Burton L. Eichler Award at one of two award receptions in November.<br /> <br /> Burt Eichler was the co-founder of Brach Eichler. His practice was at the cutting edge of change in the laws governing the healthcare industry. Burt was widely regarded as a pioneer in the area of healthcare law and one of the most respected members of the Bar. Importantly, he was also a man of enormous integrity and he gave tirelessly to his community.<br /> <br /> The firm is proud of Burt&rsquo;s legacy of leadership, both in healthcare and in giving back, and once again will commemorate it by presenting the Burton L. Eichler Award in his honor to recognize a physician who has likewise made important contributions to others.<br /> <br /> To qualify for consideration for the Burton L. Eichler Award, please take a few moments to tell us about your community involvement and how you pay it forward. Download, complete, and return the nomination form to Andrea Sheehy at <a href=""></a>. All entries are due by <strong>October 26</strong>. The award winner will be determined by independent judges and will be advised prior to the November receptions.<br /> <br /> <a href=""><img src="" hspace="0" vspace="0" align="absmiddle" alt="" border="0" width="194" height="38" /></a><br /> <br /> &nbsp;</p>,388,390,406&directive=0&stylesheet=rss&records=10Fanburg and Walzman Talk Telemedicine in Medical Economics Oct 2018News<br /> Telemedicine continues to grow as a viable and popular mode of health care delivery. There are issues that providers should be aware of, however, in order to succeed in today&rsquo;s heavily regulated environment. In this three-part series in <em>Medical Economics</em>, &ldquo;Telehealth and the Law,&rdquo; Brach Eichler Managing Member and Health Law Chair <a href=";A=5268&amp;format=xml&amp;p=5532">John D. Fanburg</a> and Health Law Associate <a href=";A=5425&amp;format=xml&amp;p=5532">Jonathan Walzman</a> address three critical issues that must be carefully considered:<br /> <br /> <strong><a href="">&ldquo;Telehealth and the Law: How Policy Shapes the Marketplace&rdquo;</a><br /> <br /> <a href="">&ldquo;Telehealth and the Law: The Challenge of Reimbursement&rdquo;</a></strong><br /> <br /> <strong>&ldquo;Telehealth and the Law: Addressing the Risks&rdquo;</strong> <em>(coming soon)</em><br /> <br type="_moz" />,388,390,406&directive=0&stylesheet=rss&records=10