Princeton Nursing Home Abruptly Closes



In September 2023, a financially troubled Princeton nursing home, Princeton Care Center (PCC), abruptly closed on the eve of Labor Day, providing just twelve hours’ notice to its 72 residents and their families that they needed to be relocated. According to applicable regulations, nursing homes are required to submit a closure plan to the New Jersey Department of Health (DOH) and provide each resident with notice at least 60 days before closing so that residents and their families can make the necessary arrangements to relocate the patient to another appropriate facility. The unprecedented and abrupt closure was reportedly due to financial troubles as PCC was unable to pay its staff and behind on rent and payments to vendors.

According to reports, the DOH was aware that PCC was having financial difficulties months before it closed. In August of 2023, the DOH restricted admissions and put PCC on a corrective action plan because the DOH determined that PCC did not meet legally mandated minimum staffing requirements. In addition, PCC’s landlord previously notified the DOH that it was suing PCC for back rent, which PCC had not paid since February 2023. To further complicate the situation, PCC was in the midst of negotiating a sale of the facility to another long-term care system in New Jersey. On August 31, 2023, the prospective buyer terminated the deal, which left PCC scrambling for cash to pay its workers. PCC decided to close its doors the following day.

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