N.J. Cancer Registry Webinar 10.10.2023 – Presentation Video and Slides

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On October 10th, we conducted this informative webinar that reviews the NJ Cancer Registry from both a regulatory and legal perspective. Representatives from the New Jersey Department of Health, Taylor Hessler, BS, BA, CTR, Supervisory Cancer Registry Information Specialist and Suzanne Schwartz, MS, CTR, Supervising Public Health Representative, along with prominent Brach Eichler Healthcare Law attorney Isabelle Bibet-Kalinyak, Esq., discussed the latest NJ State Cancer Registry reporting obligations, processes, and legal regulations required for your practice to remain compliant.

Please direct all general questions to:
Isabelle Bibet-Kalinyak
Vice Chair – Healthcare Department, Partner, Brach Eichler LLC
Legal Counsel NJAASC
(330) 554-4133

For all ASC-specific questions, please contact NJDOH directly:
Elias Rivera at Elias.Rivera@doh.nj.gov, cell : 609-501-5195
Suzanne Schwartz at Suzanne.Schwartz@doh.nj.gov, 609-913-5024
• General NJDOH line: 609-633-0500

Watch the full presentation now:

Click here to download the presentations slides

*This presentation is intended to provide general information. It is not intended as a form of, or as a substitute for legal advice and analysis. Legal advice should always come from in-house or retained counsel. Moreover, if this presentation in any way contradicts advice of counsel, counsel’s opinion should control over anything written herein. No attorney client relationship is created or implied by this presentation. No reproduction or dissemination without prior written consent from Brach Eichler, LLC. @2023 Brach Eichler. All rights reserved.

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